I used to take all diary products.when i get excess milk,that time i prepared this milk beda.This sweet is also prepared in festival season in India. I made this beda with lot of sugar so that it melts perfectly in our mouth.;););)

What you need:

500 ml Thick Cow Milk
Sugar 2 Cup
3 Cardamom 
2 teaspoon ghee

How to proceed:

Heat nonstick pan,Add milk and boil it in a low flame.
It will take 10 minutes to boil.
Milk will started to thicken.Use spatula to mix completely.

Make sure that milk is not burn in the bottom of the pan.
Now the milk will look like thick condensed.
Add ghee and cardamom to mix well.Saute this thick mixture for 10minutes.
Now milk beda is ready.