Of the very few recipes prepared with yam(senai kilangu).Erisseri is a delicious one mostly liked people of southern parts of Tamil nadu and Kerala.


200g,Senai kizhangu(elephant yam) chopped
1 teaspoon, turmeric powder
1 teaspoon, chilli powder
1 cup,coconut grated
1 teaspoon,pepper coarsely crushed
4 small onions
4 Red chillies
Curry leaves,chopped
1 teaspoon, Urad dal
2 teaspoon,coconut oil
1 teaspoon,mustard seeds
Salt to taste

For grinding

1 cup grated coconut
pepper crushed
Few Curry leaves 


Place the kadai and put chopped yam,chilli powder,salt and add water to boil.

Now place another pan.saute coconut grated,mustard seeds,dry chillies,urad dal and curry leaves till dark brown.

keep it separately.

Check the cooking of yam so that it is cooked 80% not becoming saggy.when the cooking is over

Now add grinded masala and above spices in yam boiling  kadai till they loose their raw smell.

Now erissery is completely over and ready to serve.

This food item is one of the side dish to any vegetarien meal.